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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Whatsapp on PC & and how to add contacts the simple way!!!

today we are going to learn how to install Whatsapp on your PC/Mac and add contacts in a very simple way. No importing needed.
  1.  You all have heard about Whatsapp for PC by now. It's not a real windows version, but the android version that is run on PC or Mac using the Emulator Bluestacks. Click on the name to download the offline version which is much more easy to install than the online version which is prone to errors. Bluestacks is the best android emulator and it runs like a gem on both PC and Mac. So download by clicking the name before we start. 
  2. Next step is to install Whatsapp into Bluestacks. Before that don't forget to log in to your Gmail account. Click here and select T-Mobile Samsung GT-I9100 in the list of devices. Then select Install.
  3. Now if you open Bluestacks and in this case pull up the notification bar you can see that Whatsapp has started to download. After installing, open Whatsapp and verify using your mobile number. you will get an text message containing the verification code on the mobile to which the number belongs. 
  4. Wait for a while for Whatsapp to say that it couldn't find the message. then press "Request call".
  5. When you press that you'll find that there is a box in which you can type in the code you received on your mobile phone. That's it, Whatsapp has been installed to your PC/Mac.
But wait, that's not all. Next we learn how to add contacts to it...
All over the internet you will find different methods of how to add contacts to Whatsapp on PC/Mac. Some of them will ask you to save your contacts onto your memory card and later export them using the shared folder to add it to your whats app file manager. All that is nothing but a big pile of crap. Here's how it should be done.
  1. Download Contact+ just like how you downloaded Whatsapp earlier. (see step 2 from the previous instructions). Any other similar app is fine, but i prefer this.
  2. And that's it... I'm not joking. Now all you have to do is add your contacts by pressing the '+' sign on the top right and save you're contacts one by one... if you want to do this quicker you can by exporting your contacts to memory in your phone. Then connect it via USB. Then copy all the exported contacts to C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder.
  3. To see it on Bluestacks install Astro file manager jus like before. Then open it and on the left hand side you will see an option called BstShared folder. click on that and you will find all your contacts. Now just select and import them all... That's it... You have Whatsapp on your PC/Mac. Message your friends and enjoy life for a year. That is if you are not willing to pay for the subscription. 
  4. The solution for that is, when you are registering your number for the first time register using an Iphone. This is because IOS users get an advantage of 10 years of free subscription. register and then open Whatsapp with that number on your android or Bluestacks. and there you go, 10yrs of free Whatsapp.
Enjoy friends and don't forget to comment if you have any doubts related to this or any other mobile related problems... Have a nice day or night if you live on the other side of the globe... :P

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