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Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Samsung Galaxy S5


  Hey there guys!!! It’s been a while now so let’s get into the topic as soon as possible. So what is today's hot topic going to be about??? Yes, you guessed it right; it’s the Samsung Galaxy S5!!! Now we all loved its predecessors, the S, S2, S3 & the amazing S4!!! We loved each and everything about these phones as each of the introduced something absolutely new in to the world of mobile phones. During earlier times everyone praised the IPhone mostly because they thought it was the best smart phone ever made. But with the introduction of the Samsung Galaxy S2this was put to an end, everyone wanted to get their hands on this beauty. As at that time it was the only phone as good as or better than the IPhone. And it was not before long that Samsung decided to release its S3. This in a way started to bring down the sales of the IPhone worldwide thus resulting in Apple finding reasons to sue Samsung. Apple’s win over Samsung was very much unfortunate and least expected. By the way, Samsung did not pay apple in coins likes some rumors suggest.
                         The Samsung Galaxy S4 was considered to be the pinnacle of smart phones when it came out. It sported some of the latest additions such as air gesture, multi-window, and tons of other camera tricks. The octo-core processor was the best thing that left other smart phones crying.
                        And now to follow the legacy is the Samsung Galaxy S5. And I'm just as excited as any other guy out there. It will certainly take a while before I can get my hands on this beauty. I mean, just look at it. Who wouldn’t want to own a device like that? And my favorite is the back cover. I don’t know about you guys but I’m a total Samsung fan. It’s come a long way since the time when Nokia was ruling the mobile world. The phone has been launched and is going strong.
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